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Heat is absolutely essential during Oregon’s colder months. When it comes to your heating system, there are several options you can choose from. From forced-air to radiant, from geothermal to air-source, from electric to natural gas, our team at Eastern Oregon Heating and Air Conditioning LLC can work with any system. Whether you need a piece of equipment repaired, annual maintenance, or are looking for a brand-new, energy-efficient system, our factory-trained technicians will get the job done so you can stay comfortable year-round. Based in Hermiston, OR, we work with home and business owners throughout the surrounding areas.

Our Heating Services Include:

Gas Fireplace

Not only does a fireplace add beauty and elegance to your home, but it can be an important source of your home’s heat during the colder months. Gas fireplaces are more efficient and effective than burning wood, not to mention much easier to operate and maintain. We service both inserts and freestanding fireplaces.


Furnaces are popular heating systems in many homes. Different types of furnaces include electric, natural gas, or fuel oil furnaces. Our team can work with all makes and models of furnaces, and we are proud to install energy-efficient, high-quality furnaces from American Standard.

Heat Pump

A heat pump can both warm your home in the winter and cool your home during the summer. It transfers heat either from the outside into your home, or from out of your home to outside. Rather than producing heat, it simply transports it, which means decreased energy costs for you. We service and repair heat pumps as well as install heat pumps from American Standard.

Ductless/Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are a great choice for zoning, or delivering heat to specific areas of a building. This helps save on energy bills, because the heat is only provided where needed, and energy isn’t lost in the ducts. These systems are ideal for home additions, apartments, or multifamily housing, or as add-ons for homes that have ductless HVAC systems. We offer brands that can operate as low as -13.

Shop/Garage Unit Heaters

Keep your shop or garage toasty during the colder months with a unit heater. Our team sells and services high-quality unit heaters that effectively heat small areas.

Oil Furnaces & Propane Heaters

Oil furnaces operate by using oil as fuel to convert to heat. Propane is an efficient fuel that can also be converted to heat, and it is a clean-burning fuel, in that it doesn’t give off greenhouse gasses while burning. Our team installs, maintains, and repairs oil furnaces and propane heaters for our customers.

PTAC Units

A PTAC, or packaged terminal air conditioner, is a system that provides both heating and cooling. It is a self-contained unit that provides heat by using a refrigerant to heat the coils, and air that blows through the unit then carries the heat with it. These systems are bigger than standard window air conditioners and can be used for residential and commercial buildings. Our team is experienced in working with these systems.

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